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Frequently Asked Questions

Those are the most popular questions asked by our customers.

"Regrettably, it's not possible to use a single account for multiple connections as it can result in your IP address and username being blocked. However, you have the option of purchasing an additional connection for an additional fee if needed."

"At IP networks, we strive to provide the best connections to deliver optimal quality output to our users. Our commitment to excellence drives us to consistently maintain high performance standards and ensure the delivery of top-notch quality on a regular basis."

Various devices are supported by us, including Smart TV, PC (VLC), MAG, Tablets, and Phones (android and apple system).

"The use of satellite or dish equipment is not a requirement for IPTV. Our system uses your internet connection to directly connect you to the IPTV platform."

IPTV offers convenient, high-quality streaming with a large selection of channels and on-demand content. In order to get more ideas about this topic check our blogs.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a digital television broadcasting protocol which uses the Internet to deliver TV content, as opposed to traditional cable or satellite methods. It allows for the delivery of live and on-demand TV programming to users over the internet.

When seeking technical support or account activation via a ticket, you can expect to receive a reply within 1 to 3 hours, with a goal of responding within an hour of receiving the ticket. Please note that response times may be as long as 3 hours during peak periods.

Please confirm that your playlist works on your computer using VLC player or IPTV Player.

"Absolutely. By installing apps from the Google Play store, you can make your TV interactive and access various applications such as Skype, Firefox, and Gmail."

"For optimal resolution, we recommend using an Ethernet connection (device hardware)."



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